Garth Aderholt is joining Renew Church as our new Lead Pastor


Since the beginning of this year, our board has been working together through the growing needs of the church. In a wonderful way, our church is growing. And with that growth, comes a greater need for leadership and support. Since our beginning as a church in 2015, David has served as a pastor at Renew and worked outside of the church to support his family. He had hoped to sustain this through the life of the church. However, clearly this year, we arrived at a point where the church needed a full-time pastor. He prayed through this over the early months of the year, along with the board. And he still feels called to serve the church. However he also feels called to continue working outside of the church. So, together, we began seeking the Lord for what He had in store for Renew. And as we did, God made it abundantly clear that His plan was to bring Garth Aderholt in as our new Lead Pastor.



Garth has been a pastor in our community for many years. He has proven himself to be a God fearing, Jesus loving, Bible teaching pastor, who is passionate about the Lord and committed to the body of Christ. About half of our leadership team has known Garth for many years. So we were thrilled, when he showed an interest in considering the possibility of joining our church family. After months of praying together with the board and seeking the Lord, Garth has felt the Lord’s hand leading him to take this next step and join Renew as our new lead pastor. We are absolutely thrilled to have Garth and his wife Bev joining our church family.



“It has been my pleasure to help lead Renew. From the very beginning, we have been fully committed to following the Lord as He leads our church. And it has become clear to me, as well as to the rest of our board, that the Lord has been moving us into a new season. I am genuinely blessed to see that this is what the Lord had in mind for our church family. I’ve known and served with Garth for many years. And I look forward to working with him at Renew. My role will be shifting a bit, and I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do there, as I get the privilege of continuing to serve at Renew. To clear up any doubts let me say that the board and I are in 100% agreement on these changes. My family and I are doing great. There’s no secret sin or story at the root of all this. This is quite simply the product of our team sensing the growing needs of the church and the need for greater leadership. I am so thrilled that the God has made His direction so clear in this. I look forward to what He has in store for our church family as we follow him together in this new season.”



On October 22nd, Garth will be with us for his first official Sunday. To celebrate and spend some quality time together, we plan to have a sandwich lunch prepared after church at Hart-Ransom. Please plan to join us and welcome the Aderholts to our church family.

On October 29th, Garth and David will be launching a new teaching series together through 1 John. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use this new series to speak to our church and lead us into this new season.



While we understand that this comes as a surprise, we are confident that the Lord’s hand is in this. As always we are here for you and open to answering any of your questions. And while this next step was unforeseen from our perspective, and has taken us quite a bit of time to process…now, having spent this time seeking the Lord, and working together through all of this, it has become absolutely clear to us that the Lord is in this.


Many of Garth’s Thru The Bible teachings are available on his “Thru The Bible” app, available in both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store.