We are praying for the Lord to lead us to Lead Pastor who is excited to join us in pursuing the vision the Lord has given us at Renew Church Modesto; following Jesus together in His great work of renewing lives. We dream of a living church: vibrant and growing in its love for Jesus, sharing life together in rich relationship, practically serving and reaching our community with the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ. If you are interested, please take a look at the job description below and click on the link to apply.


Job Description

The Lead Pastor will love and serve the church by giving himself to the ministry of Prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4) and seek to walk uprightly before the Lord in his personal life. He shall seek the mind of God, and work together with the rest of the leadership teams of the church to ensure that the decisions and the direction of the church are both biblical and wise. He shall give considerable time to the study of the Word and shall teach the Scriptures to the others by precept and example. His aim shall be to reach and disciple people in the Good News of Jesus Christ by preaching the Word, teaching the Bible, sharing the Gospel in his private life, teaching and leading others to share the Gospel in their personal lives, worshiping the Lord, teaching and leading others to worship the Lord discipling and training leaders, organizing evangelistic and discipleship events and programs, providing counsel, and comforting the sick and the downcast.

He will be an available point of contact for the ministry leaders at Renew.  He will establish & maintain relationships with these leaders and seek to empower them to fulfill what God has called them each to. The leadership of Renew is shared by the elder board, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the decisions and direction of the church are both biblical and wise. The Lead Pastor will share in that leadership and direction as the the chairman of this elder board.


(See I Timothy 3:8-13, Titus 1:5-9).

A. Personal qualifications: Serious, not double-tongued and not a drunkard. He shall be a man of high moral character, a one-woman man, temperate, prudent, respectable, not self-willed, self-controlled, just, devout, and not covetous.

B. Family Relations: He shall be a man of good reputation regarding family whether married or single. He is to be a man who rules his home well, leading his family in the ways of God and His Word.

C. As to faith: He shall have a demonstrated obedience to the faith, be mature, and have a proven Christian walk.

D. Ministerial Skills: He must be eager to evangelize and committed to serve the Lord’s purpose and calling on his life. He must be foremost set apart and committed to the Lord. He must be committed to supporting the calling and leadership of the Board, & Leadership Team, along with the ministry and message of the Church. He must be actively involved in performing the duties of a pastor and be in good standing and reputation within the Church and community.

Responsibilities & Areas of Oversight

  • Leadership of the church as the chair of the elder board

  • Support & Develop the wider leadership team and programs including:

    • Renew Kids

    • Renew Youth

    • Sunday Ministry Teams (facility, media, worship, hospitality, welcome, security, ems)

    • Life Groups

    • Impact Initiative

    • Outreach

    • Discipleship

    • Counseling

    • Care Ministries

    • Others

  • Leadership training

  • Sunday Programming:

    • vision casting, announcements, integrating impact initiative efforts, life group promos & updates, etc.) Coordinating with our Impact Initiative team to further expand and develop relationships with people and organizations locally and abroad that are doing good things in the name of Jesus

  • Discipleship

  • Overseeing the Administrative Responsibilities of the church

    • Interfacing with our accounting firm

    • Church Management Software:  administration , management & training

    • Overseeing church communications:

      • Website

      • Email

      • Phone

      • social media accounts)

  • Overseeing / Coordinating Special Events

  • Networking with other local church leaders and establishing effective working relationships


  • Fully committed to following Jesus

  • Acceptance of our We Believe Statement

  • Commitment to our Mission & Vision

  • Able to Teach

  • Proven ability to work well with large and diverse teams

  • Proven experience in ministry leadership & team development


Vision | Our dream is of a living church: vibrant and growing in its love for Jesus, sharing life together in
rich relationship practically serving and reaching our community with the love, grace, and truth
of Jesus Christ.

Mission | Following Jesus together in His great work of renewing lives


● Living in real relationship / fellowship
● Continual growth in worship, discipleship, and evangelism
● Outward facing and community reaching
● Active collaboration with other churches in town
● Visibility, accountability, and accessibility in leadership
● Grace based discipleship
● Welcoming the new & disconnected
● Committed to orthodoxy and open to new ideas
● Keeping it simple
● Being doers / being intentional
● Supporting Christians in their spheres of influence